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To be best in class corporate in Egyptian pharma market providing a wide range of high quality products and solutions inspiring populace locally, regionally to enjoy healthier and happier lives.

man in white dress shirt holding white paper
man in white dress shirt holding white paper

At Almaz Pharma, the function of Research and Development goes far beyond the technical process of developing new drugs to add to our portfolio. Our focus is guided by the needs of our patients, and so the process of creating and launching new drugs begins with understanding which medicines are most needed in the market today.

Our product pipeline proposals are carefully reviewed by committees that comprise department heads and consultants. Ideas are carefully scrutinized and evaluated according to a wide range of criteria whose purpose is to ensure the introduction of safe drugs that fulfill market needs.

Once a product candidate has met our criteria, we develop an alternative guided by the principle of enhancing efficacy by searching for and leveraging new drug delivery

systems as opposed to simply replicating a product.

We achieve our mandate of excellence by regularly upgrading our R&D laboratories and facilities with special equipment and state-of-the-art instruments while entrusting their operation to an exceptional team of professionals.

what the Mom needs.

Comprehensive care for baby skin

HYGIMAZ Better Quality Beyond your Expectation.

Immediate Relief of vaginal mucosa from irritation, inflammation and for effective cleaning of the vagina.

LISTERMAZ Daily use mouth wash for germ protection

white smile and fresh breath you deserve.

NEXIMAZ Massage cream

The powerful relief. A natural pain reliever that works. Each Active constituent synergizes the effect of others.

Product lines

1 - Analgesics/Anti-inflammatory

2- Gynecology & Andrology

3 - Dentistry

4 - Dermatology

5 - Gastroenterology

6 - Cardiovascular

7 - Anti-infective

8 - Hepatology

9 - Respiratory

10 - Vitamins & Tonics

white and black dice on orange surface
white and black dice on orange surface